Saturday, January 2, 2010

One-in One-out

With all the generosity of family and friends this past season, now is a great time to institute the “One-In One-Out” Rule for you and your family.  What is the one-in one-out rule?  Described as “A tie for a tie a shoe for a shoe” by Rita Emmett.  It is precisely as it sounds.  For every new item that comes into your life, an old item needs to leave.  Why?  Just because you are acquiring new things, it does not mean you are acquiring more space to store those things.  New books received do not guarantee a new book case. And if a new book case arrived, would you have a place to house it? 

I do have limits on space for how I store my things.  If the sweater shelf is full, I know that there are enough sweaters there and that if another one is added to my collection I will have to part with an existing sweater.  I cannot simply build another shelf to house more sweaters.  The same is true for my shoes.  There are X number of slots in my shoe hanger.  If all those slots are full, there is no more room for new shoes.  This does not mean that I add another shoe hanger.  I must say goodbye to an existing pair of shoes in order to make room for the new shoes.

This rule has been harder for me as a parent.  Toys are not all the same size.  Nor are all toys of the same value to my preschooler.  I have to weigh these things when deciding what toys to consign, donate, send to grandmother’s house, or give away.

What is your number one weakness when it comes to the one-in one-out rule?


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snaphappee said...

My number one weakness with this rule is following it. I admit it - I haven't sent anything out to make room for my own stuff. I did clear out a bunch of the kids' stuff as I was cleaning for the holidays, but I realized this evening that I don't even have space for the sweaters I have! I need to do some one-outing.