Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ferocious Fay? No way.

Tropical Storm Fay (nope my Minnesota friend, it never got to be a hurricane here) derailed some plans around our area this past week.  Thankfully we were never without power and there is no major storm damage here.  I'm hoping that holds true for our water level. 

Thanks to all for the great response to the upcoming Home Hub Seminar.  There are still seats available for Monday evening (Sept 15, 5:30-7pm) if you are still interested.

Next time we will talk about "Back to School"!



Sunday, August 17, 2008

An exciting Announcement!


Hello organizing friends!  We've been doing some end of summer traveling this month.  School starts in our district tomorrow.  Can you believe it!?!

I have something new in the works for organizewithjulie!  I think you are going to be very excited to hear this news! Many of you have expressed to me that you want to set up a Home Hub or that you just don't know what to do with all of the paper work that infiltrates your home.  No worries!  Coming to Jacksonville, FL in the month of September, I am offering a FREE workshop to help us all Conquer the Paper Chaos! 

You will be able to see what a Home Hub is like in real life action. You will learn how to set up a Custom Home Hub Notebook System… and it is easy!

This is the perfect time of year to figure out: how to schedule your week, how to plan your meals, what to do with all the incoming school papers and the mail. You can get your bills paid on time. You will be able to return calls in a timely manner. Your home life will become less chaotic. This system is designed to give you everything you need at your finger tips.

With school just starting, the paper work you are about to receive will seem endless. This is my proven survival technique.

The Dates are:

Monday Sept 15, 5:30pm - 7


Tuesday Sept 16, 10 am - 11:30am.

The seminar is totally FREE. If you choose to buy notebooks or supplies at the seminar, those materials will be extra.

Send an e-mail to or leave a comment here to let me know that you are interested.