Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Changes in Attitude...

Do you HAVE TO use an area in your home for the purpose it was designed?  If you don't ever have formal dinners in your dining room, could you morph that room into something you could use every day - an office, playroom, craft room, or homework nook?  Does it have to remain a formal dining room because the realtor, your floor plan, or a relative told you that is what the room was designed to be?

Eight years ago when I moved into my current home, I had a little baby and I was starting a new business.  I needed to be in the main part of the house and didn’t need much space, so our 1980’s wet bar was my office and my little guy’s art area.  Soon his art materials and our home schooling adventures took over my office space in the wet bar.  And my organizing business was growing to the point of me needing more than a work surface and a single cabinet.  The wet bar became an art/school area.  My office moved to (and has taken over- Hallelujah!) the spare bedroom. 

(Photo of our art/school supplies circa 2009- organized, containerized, and labeled)

Fast forward a few years and we are no longer home schooling.  The homework area has expanded to a small table in the corner of the dining room, the couch, or the computer desk – depending on kiddo’s mood and type of homework.  In turn, the wetbar, which stores art supplies and games, has really become a catch all for all sorts of – well – detritus. 

What’s an organizing Mama to do?

Find out next time!

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