Monday, May 4, 2009

The satchel (aka Purses – Part 3)

I am still recovering from last week’s NAPO Conference 2009.  Lots of great info for me to process from THREE very full days of classes.  So as I recover, I will share with you the answer to something that many of you have wondered.

The purse saga continues.  I have been asked if I carry my Michi bag every day.  The answer is no.  While I love my cute little purse, There are some days where I  need to have the capacity for snacks, coloring books, my planner, magazines, a bottle of water, and other distractions.  On those occasions I carry “the satchel”.  The satchel is wonderful for the days where I am the mommy pack mule.  I love that it is light and versatile.  The strap is wide and comfortable on my shoulder.  There are outer pockets for keys and cell phone… a back zipper, and inner pockets for sunglasses and the like.  What does all this mean?  Yes, I love my cute little Michi bag.  Yes, it will hold A LOT!  But sometimes I need more.

This is the trendy mommy bag satchel.

IMG_1718   IMG_1719

What’s the “moral of the story”?  Find the bag that is the size YOU need it to be, performs how YOU need it to perform, is easy and comfortable for YOU to carry, and is functional for YOU.  Personal preference is huge in the handbag department.  And YES, you can own more than one bag… but also know your limitations for storage and usage.  Knowing the 80/20 principle (that we use 20% of our stuff 80% of the time) makes me very aware of what I keep in my life and what I let go of. 

Just a reminder, Home Hub Notebooks are still available (to Jacksonville/St. Johns area residents) in an array of Spring colors!  Just in time for Spring cleaning.  If you’ve been itching to organize all of your paperwork, this is for you!

I have had many requests for a visual, so here it is:


Spring Green (aka Mint), Sky, Rose, and Coral.

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