Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stamp out craft clutter


For Easter, my son received lots of rubber and foam stamps to add to his growing collection.  Along with those stamps, he also received several ink pads.  The Easter bunny was overzealous with the craft supplies, sure.  What else would he give a kiddo that doesn’t eat candy?  I had been at a loss as to how to keep them all together and had come up with this temporary solution.  Corralled?  Yes.  Accessible?  No. 


I don’t usually use my blog to promote products, but I found this nifty little product this past week and couldn’t pass it up.

 IMG_1682 IMG_1683

There are three separate trays that stack together.  They snap securely.  The lid snaps on AND it has a handle.

Ink pads, rubber stamps, foam stamps all living in harmony.


So easy, even the littlest organizer can do it!


All packed up in one little package.


The handle will lay flat and the SNAPWARE organizers are stackable.

Oooh, the possibilities.  Craft supplies, office supplies, typical junk drawer items, hair clips, bathroom caddy… oh, I am almost giddy! 


snaphappee said...

I'm sorry it took me 2 days to get to this!

What a cool organizing tool! I love that! I should find one of those for C's portable art supplies. He loves to take crayons, stickers, notepads, etc. with us when we go out and about. Thanks for sharing this!

Your Organizing Guru said...

Yet another great idea! See how the possibilities are endless? Thanks for sharing YOUR idea too!