Saturday, April 11, 2009

Purse Follow Up

For those of you who have been asking… the bag pictured here is a Miche Bag.  And yes, it is MY Miche Bag and I do love it!  Other than you, faithful blog readers, I have had cashiers, waitresses, and strangers comment on this cute little polka-dot purse.  It all starts with a basic purse.  In my case, this is black.  (They also come in brown.)  The covers are magnetic and  just wrap onto the basic purse.  I know that you are thinking, “Hmmmm… I will blow their minds when I change out my shells! Mua ha ha!”  It’s true!  The handiest thing about being so “indecisively stylish” is that you do not have to change out the contents of your purse, you only change the outer shell.  New look.  No inconvenience. 

If you are in the Jacksonville area and are interested in seeing these adorable purses for yourself, head out to Fleming Island’s own Chocolate Shoe Boutique (in the Target shopping Center on CR 220) and see all the goodies Sara DeFusco ( has to offer!  Here’s a sample…

michi bag display

Above – Available shells, all organized in sleeves and ready to hang in your very own closet.

Below – Lovely Zebra inspired purse.


One last reminder - have your taxes done and postmarked by this Wednesday!

Happy Easter and Passover Week to all!




snaphappee said...

WHOA!! I had no idea just how wonderful that cute purse is! That's awesome!! I'll just pop in there and take a look! (hehehehe - I think I'm funny.)

Your Organizing Guru said...

Well, Elli, it would be a commute for you to travel to The Chocolate Shoe from Montana, but it may just be worth it. ;)

Isn't that cute little purse just so wonderfully adorable AND functional? Gotta love it!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you got that Miche Bag organizer? The one that I have is black and only has 6 on each size! I LOVE the one with 10!!

could you please email me at