Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rain Rain Is Here To Stay

THANK YOU for those of you who have served and are serving our great nation!

How did you do last week on the list?  I did fairly well.  Considering it was raining ALL week long in my corner of the world, I had plenty of time to get things done indoors!  Come on Mr. Sun!  It’s time to shine in my nice clean shiny windows!!! (Yes, I have seen the local forecast and have little hope for the sun this week either, but a girl can hope!)  With all the rain, it has been a great time to spend time indoors, really!  I even had the opportunity to organize a new home office for a local entrepreneur.  It was so much fun creating color coded files and moving out all of the non-office items.

This month, I have been diligently working to revamp my own home office.  I have been thinking and planning for quite some time in order to get exactly what I want in my space.  I finally found it, assembled it, and arranged it.  This serves as a reminder that even for the organizer, organizing is often an agonizing process.  Now on to the “inbox”!  (And possibly the tanning booth for some Vitamin D!)

This is the week that my garbage men/recycle guys will be cursing me.  Time to recycle the old magazines and catalogs.  How long has it been since you sorted through your stash?  Take 15 minutes and plunge on in!


snaphappee said...

I did not do well on the list, but I still have it waiting for me to work on this week. I haven't forgotten it.

I have been good about magazines though. I purge mine about every 3-4 weeks so I don't have too many around most of the time. Have we read them?

Lyza Lynne said...

Thanks Julie! I'm in the midst of organizing my photos/scrapbooking supplies. UGH Huge job (but a good one to do on a rainy day). I'm looking forward to making more memories this summer and taking more pictures (which starts the vicious cycle all over again).

Leland said...

Hey, Guru!

I am utterly PARALYSED when it comes to reducing clutter! Each and every precious bit of detritus all but screams at me, "You PAID for'll NEED me...HOW could you even THINK of throwing me away/recycling me????"

All right, that's a slight overstatement...nothing is actually screaming at me ;0) BUT, all of those little bits have a monetary or sentimental memory attached to them, and together they add to a growing impasse.

This is a problem of emotion rather than knowledge, and thus not my bailiwick. Any suggestions?

Best regards,

Your Organizing Guru said...

It is good that you realize the root of your problem! I must now ask you how much it costs you to KEEP all of the screaming detritus? You pay for space (living or storage) with money, but you pay for that visual space with you mind and emotions.

You have ENDLESS options for keeping memories without hoarding treasures. One option is to start a photo journal of all of your sentimental pieces. You can keep your pictures and your written memories and set the actual objects free. Another option is to recycle the treasures into another usable item. T-shirts become wall hangings, baby clothes become quilts, old jeans become braided denim rugs.

I'm not sure where you live, but you may want to try to locate a professional organizer near you. Continue to converse with us here. Feel free to shoot an e-mail my direction. I'm always happy to brainstorm!

Your guru,