Sunday, May 31, 2009

There’s a rabbit in the inbox!

I won’t bore you with the details of my week caring for a flu virus sick hubby.  We will move forward onto a more fun topic like… Office Organizing! 

Last week I mentioned tackling the inbox (receipts and all) and so I did! 
Julie’s Inbox Defined:  a basket near my office door where non-urgent papers go to rest until such time as I feel it is necessary to deal with them.   In short, this means that I have a basket on the shelf right by the door so that I can just open the door, put the paper in the basket and walk away. 
“Where are the urgent papers?”, you ask.  They are handled right away.  They do not have a chance to rest in the inbox. 
“What kinds of things did you find in the box?”  Things to be filed mostly.  Receipts.  My most recent client file.  Items for follow up *some day*.  Things that belonged elsewhere (like the tape measure and notebook that were awaiting their return to my laptop bag). 
While the inbox is one place I do tend to procrastinate, PLEASE note that I do not let these things pile up for the whole month.  I keep short accounts with my inbox. 

So while I didn’t find a magic rabbit at the bottom of my inbox, I did work some magic and get a time consuming job accomplished.

If you haven’t had time lately to sift through your inbox, maybe you should.  There’s no telling what you will find! 

What is in your inbox? 

This week’s 15 min challenge is… take some time to cool off and get you car cleaned at the same time with a front lawn car wash.  If you can do it over the grass, your lawn will likely thank you! 
(Or you can go to the car wash, come home, and set up your Slip N Slide.  Yee haw!)


snaphappee said...

Gotta laugh at the "slip-n-slide" thing!

Well, I now have an almost empty "inbox" because I did mine last week too! (as you may have seen on my blog.) On to washing the huge old Scrbrbn! Tomorrow should be a good day for it, but we'll see what happens.

Your Organizing Guru said...

Snap, I seriously thought you would be the one to opt for the Slip N Slide (a second time!). ~J