Sunday, November 22, 2009

Simplify the Season – Shopping Part Two

Still no luck even with the gift finders?  Get a gift card.  Make it personal.  Think about the recipient's tastes on this one.  For example, if the recipient is a luddite, a gift card for an electronic or computer store is probably not the best idea; however a restaurant gift card for that uncle who enjoys fine dining - a gift card to Aunt Emma's favorite boutique (I promise she’ll appreciate it much more than another frog)- some movie passes for the college student - and a bookstore gift card for the reader whose favorite author will be releasing a book past your holiday celebration deadline – all great ideas. Simple pairings make them personal by adding on some simple and inexpensive “tags” - a bag coffee candy (or bag of truffles) with a coffee shop card, a bookmark with a book store card, a bag of candy with the movie card. Now you’re thinking outside of the gift card envelope!!

As a family, we love to be generous and give to others, especially during the holidays. We try to Simplify our Season by only purchasing two gifts for our child. There are things that we would rather spend DOING with him than GIFTING (plastic toys) to him. We usually choose a small gift and a large gift.  I also use this time to set up traditions. He gets an ornament every year and Christmas/winter themed pajamas. Those types of things are what I want him to have.  They are necessarily things he would choose, so I do not consider them gifts. We have Christmas pictures taken. We usually choose a charity to give to - adopting an angel from the angel tree or filling a shoe box (or three) for Samaritan’s Purse, donating to Toys For Tots.

I have a friend who gives their four children each three gifts as a reminder of the three gifts of the magi.

When you are shopping, keep in mind that you are going to stay the course and have a Simplified Season.

Overbuying on gifts creates a post-holiday clutter problem for all of those who receive the overabundance of gifts.  Shop smart.

Experiential gifts-passes to a theme park,the zoo, theatre tickets- are also a great way to keep the clutter at bay.

One final note on shopping. Let’s not forget about on-line shopping to save time and gas money. This is especially great if you can find FREE SHIPPING options. Some sites (like will even let you ship to the store nearest you for free.

This week brings us a giveaway!  I know that we’ve already talked about baking, but for those of you who are Paula Deen fans check out Paula Deen’s Holiday Baking!  Not only does it have 155 recipes, tips, and ideas – it has gorgeous pictures, y’all!  My mouth waters when I’m just flipping through it.  It can be yours for free, just follow along with us. 

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Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family this week.  Next weekend we’re going to talk about Christmas Pictures.  Can that be Simplified?  It certainly can!

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