Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nov 29 – Simplify the Season – Portraits and Cards

Welcome to week SIX!!  Can you believe we’ve made it this far together?  I trust your Thanksgiving was filled with Turkey and family. 
Wasn’t shopping so much fun?!  What could possibly be left to talk about after all that shopping?  Well…

Would you like to be able to Simplify the Seasonal Portraits? Schedule the Christmas portraits and Address the Christmas card envelopes early. Early, as in, the first week of December. Which is NOW!!! When scheduling portraits keep the time of day in mind. 

  • Do you need to work around school, work, and nap schedules? 
  • Make sure everyone, including the husband, is well fed at portrait time. (Low blood sugar makes for poor picture posers!)
  • Keep these same things in mind when going to visit Santa.

    It is ok if you cheat - like me - and have photo cards made which come with envelopes so that you don’t have to buy actual Christmas cards -- in that case, just make a list of card recipients.  You can go one step further and make labels if you're super savvy.  (Note:  If you are planning to write a Christmas Letter, keep that in mind for addressing envelopes.  You will not need card shaped envelopes.  You will need letter sized envelopes.  Wallet-sized photos will still fit nicely into letter sized envelopes.) And write that Christmas letter now.  Keep in mind that office supply stores have envelopes in all different sizes.  If you are crafty enough to make your own cards or in need of some extra envelopes, this is a great thing to remember. 

    I made a HUGE mistake when buying my own Christmas Cards this year.  I did not notice that the envelopes are metallic silver.  While pretty, even the Sharpie marker doesn’t show well.  These will not be mailed, but will be used as cards we hand out. 

    Remember: addressing Christmas Cards can be done in the carpool lane or while watching a movie.  Another way to build relationships this Christmas season is to have a card addressing party with your friends.  You don’t even need a big kitchen for that!  So you think your home is too unacceptable for a group?  Meet at the local coffee shop for coffee and addressing cards.  Do you sense my idea here is to include those you love in the tasks that you all must do?  I knew you were catching on!

    As soon as you have your portrait appointment, think about clothing choices for ALL who are going to be in the pictures.  I am famous for dressing my son and husband well and realizing at the last minute that I put all of my effort into them.  Think on this also: shoes often show in these pictures.  I am not saying that you have to wear your finest dress shoes.  But make sure what shoes you do choose (and that your children choose) are clean. 

    Here’s a rundown for you on this busy week:
    Call to schedule portraits.
    Plan wardrobes for all involved.
    Make a list of card recipients.
    Be sure you have proper addresses.
    Buy stamps.
    Get tasks done.
    Have fun!

    Feel free to share your thoughts on Portraits, Christmas Cards, New Years Cards, and the "family newsletter"… or any other randomness that you feel like sharing with us as we Simplify the Season!

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    Jane said...

    I really hate doing Christmas cards because they have so little meaning for me - especially to send them to relatives we see all the time - seems silly. I've pared our list down and have a spreadsheet for addresses. In the past few years, to be really frugal, we've designed post cards with a photo on front and a simple Merry Christmas on the back and we print them out on our printer. Postage is cheaper. In years past I gave up on formal photos and started taking a picture on Thanksgiving while the kids were dressed up. The past few years we dig through our photos to find something cute. Every year I dream about skipping cards, but haven't had the guts to do it!

    snaphappee said...

    Great post! A thought on the shoes thing - if you are getting your portraits done indoors or in a warm climate, doing so without shoes can make a photo even more fun and relaxed! If everyone has clean feet, it can be a great look for family photos.

    Your Organizing Guru said...

    Jane: I have cut my list WAY back. It was tiring to send out cards to friends and family who didn't send them back, so I eliminated them from my list. I have even skipped sending out cards in years past. Honestly, I'm not sure many people noticed.
    Elli: That's a good photog angle on the topic of Christmas pics. Last year my son would only wear his old beat up, dirty sneakers. When we got to the studio, I just removed his shoes and he was adorable in his little red socks.