Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's Kitchen Week!!!

Let’s mix things up a bit and start with the now famous


Set your timer for fifteen minutes because it’s time to… Tackle that plastic ware. That right folks, find the lids that match the containers. Find the containers that match the lids. Throw out the ones that are broken or have no mate. If you can’t freeze AND microwave in it - consider discarding it, donating it, or replacing it. If it is a take-out type container consider whether it is really serving a worthwhile purpose for you. (I say pitch it!) By keeping the few things that you do use and donating the unused you will free up an amazing amount of space in your kitchen.

Personally, I have fallen in love with the new Rubbermaid line with easy find lids.

Oh, and the produce savers (which live in the fridge) really are working great!

I get nothing for promoting those. I just like to share with you products that make life easier.

Since we’re already talking about the kitchen… Look at your counter tops. Are there appliances sitting out that are rarely used? The toaster that is used once a month. The waffle iron that only gets hot on special occasions. The coffee pot used only when company is in town. These are items that are robbing you of clear space in your kitchen and calm in your life. I just realized that my toaster was out creating counter clutter in my kitchen. It has been months since my son has had his beloved (yet sadly, milk-laden) toaster waffles… so why was this contraption still in my way? No reason other than it had just been overlooked.

I am by no means saying that if you use your toaster and coffee pot daily you should move them in and out of a cabinet/pantry for each use. Heaven forbid I deprive any one of their daily caffeine fix! But take the time to put lesser used items away. No cabinet space you say? How about the pantry, nearby closet, or laundry room shelf? Now we’ve got those wheels turning!

There has been a lot of buzz about office organization and about paperwork issues coming from you guys as of late. Should we continue in the kitchen next week or move on to the office?


snaphappee said...

My kitchen's already perfect! (schnort!) Actually, I did weed out my plastic ware recently...but you know what I need to declutter? The tops of my fridges (yes, 2 of them). Glech.

Your Organizing Guru said...

The pics of your kitchen are superb. Good job on being proactive with your plastics!