Thursday, March 20, 2008

A rare mid-week post to share my joy...

On tackling the clutter which was my magazine basket. I could have sworn I just did this task, but here it sits again. This is where I started this morning. This is the "point of attack", if you will. Might I mention that my three and a half foot tall, 38 pound child can sit in this basket.

Surprisingly, It didn't take too long to weed out the non-essentials.

I bought this magazine when it first came out. And then got one two months later in my Christmas stocking. Why did I keep both? (For over THREE months?)

I didn't even remember having this. And I surely would not have looked in the mag basket for it. It is moving to the insurance file.

The packing from a toy. One of my son's books. Last winter's jacket that we offered to a friend (before Christmas!) and a brand new baby's first tooth brush for the same friend. (If ya still need them, let me know.) In the original picture you cannot even see a single part of this bag or the jacket. Note: none of these are magazines/catalogs. Why did they end up here?

This is hubby's stack. I think things go here straight from the mailbox and never get read. I could be wrong. I'm trying to decide if I should automatically recycle these or let him have a say. Will he really miss them? I will let him decide tonight. The recycle truck comes tomorrow.

And this? This is all the "trash". This is the reason the recycle guys will not be my friend after tomorrow. Toy catalogs from Christmas that I was sure I had already disposed of.... maybe there were more than I thought. I am SURE I threw out several after Christmas. Last season's (still wrapped in plastic) JCP big book. Home and clothing catalogs that have pretty things. I love the little inspirations, but I'm not sure I ordered from a single one. At the bottom of the picture is the stack of magazines... most of which have brilliant articles on organizing. I need to repeat these words to myself while in the checkout line "Save yourself, don't buy the magazine!" Magazine clutter is by far, one of my worst habits.

And this...

is the finished project. The current Big Book (unwrapped). A stack of unread Reader's Digest (thanks Papa) that I love to flip through. And some home catalogs of things that I actually plan to put into action! Now I can find my inspiration again. All is right with the world.

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Kari & Kijsa said...

Great tips...your blog is wonderful!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa