Monday, February 25, 2008

A junk drawer by any other name...

As promised, I will reveal my newest love.

My Handy Dandy Notebook (In honor of my son’s newest love, Blue’s Clues.)

I put together a binder this month with all of the important stuff that goes on in our household. Schedules, daily tasks, menu planning, school info, medical info, food allergies, business cards, important phone numbers, finances, fast food menus, store coupons/fliers, our local “MINT” coupon magazine… all contained in one handy dandy binder. It is put together to be easily updated whenever I feel the need. I think this is going to be my new best-friend.

If you would like help setting up you own system for storing paperwork, you know where to find me.

Now, are you ready to clean out some REAL clutter???? Let’s tackle that junk drawer!

What ends up in there anyway? Junk! Expired coupons, batteries, spare pens, tools, coins, small toys, phone books, loose screws; you name it and it can be found in there. I have fairly shallow drawers, but there always seems to be quite an accumulation in there. The rule in our home is that ONE junk drawer is allowed. That drawer has to be dealt with on a regular basis. If there is room for a utensil divider or small basket, that can help curb the junk. Phone numbers are not lost on scraps in the abyss. Business cards are filed by category and easy to view. Coupons and store fliers now have a home in the Notebook of my Dreams. It is easy to see when things expire and there isn’t enough space for too much to “pile up”.

What kinds of things have you found in your junk drawer?

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snaphappee said...

My junk drawer always has toys pieces in it...and leftover food. My 2yo put all sorts of things in there - crackers, used spoons, things he finds on the floor...

My policy is to throw away any garbage I find every time I open the drawer. I often find empty battery packaging, plastic bags that no longer have the screws or bolts that came in them...those are the things I throw away each time I open the drawer. I also remove the things the little man has added. :-) It is definitely time to put all the batteries in the battery box, and get some sorting solutions in there for the other "stuff". Thanks for the push!