Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year. New Labels.

Whether you’re just thinking of getting on the organization band wagon or you’ve been here a long time – Welcome!  Welcome to my weekly blog and welcome to Eleven – It’s going to be a FUN year.  I love that the year kicks off with National Get Organized Month.  It’s like a fresh start for everything all at once!  We can approach the year with wide eyes and long to-do lists knowing that there are 365 days to get everything on that list done.  So where should our first stop be?  For me, it’s giving you peak into my personal life with labels.

Last Fall Stuck On You, USA Labels joined the National Association of Professional Organizers as an affiliate sponsor.   Having seen similar label products, I wanted to check them out and see what made these labels so different and special.  After contacting the company I excitedly received my package of shoe labels, iron-on clothing labels, and sticky labels for everything else! And it all came in it’s own little zippered pouch!  What could be more organized than that?  To add to my excitement, the labels are adorable!  Not only are they great bold colors, there is a charming little dinosaur graphic by my son’s (correctly spelled) name!  Oh the joy!!!  (And there are LOTS of different graphics to choose from!)

The true test for me was being able to label Allergy Boy’s containers of food with his name.  These containers get micro-waved, frozen, stashed in the bottom of the backpack, shoved under the seat of the car only to be recovered weeks later… You probably get the idea.  I’ve tried standard labels.  They leave behind goo as they rub off – probably no thanks to my dishwasher.  I’ve tried (the best marker ever) Sharpie.  As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Sharpies, they just don’t hold up after being frozen/micro-waved/dishwashered/abused, time after time.  Something’s gotta give and it’s the fading of the Sharpie that gives every time.  So would these Stuck On You labels leave me with messy goo or just slide off the container as the previous labels had?  NO!  They stayed put.  No goo.  Hooray!!

January 2011 062

(Isn’t that little pouch to keep the labels in precious?!)

That test down, I decided to check out the clothing labels.  I live in Florida.  We do not wear coats very often.  However, when you need a coat, boy, do you need a coat!  I choose to “buy used and save the difference” on anything I can.  This winter one of those things was my son’s winter jacket.  I had to chuckle when I picked it up for just a few bucks at a consignment sale.  The previous owner’s Mommy apparently did not have such sweet labels; there was tape residue across the back from the former owner’s name tagging.  Nothing a good amount of wash and elbow grease didn’t fix.  Did I mention it was a steal?  Stuck On You Clothing label easily ironed in.  No need for guesses as to which jacket is my kiddo’s at the end of the day.  And no tape residue. 

Shoe labels are a perfect fit for the inner heel of any shoe.  I’ve even seen some crafty mamas tag the outside of a rain boot with them to make tricky boot identification oh so simple.

January 2011 063

(This is not the aforementioned coat.)

I haven’t gone hog wild crazy with my labels.  Stuffed animals are still label free as are most toys.  When the weather gets a bit warmer again and we’re visiting the park more, the sports equipment is going to be brandishing my son’s name.  (Who knew that ALL soccer balls and sand shovels pretty much look alike?)

If you’re looking for labels for your kiddos, spouse, yourself, a new baby gift, or even a teacher gift head on over to and see what they have to offer. 

I was provided with labels free of charge in return for doing a review.  This post contains my honest opinion about the labels with which I was provided.  The opinions expressed here are purely my own.  


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