Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quick List: Trick–or-Treat

Pumpkin/Knife/Candle/Newspaper = Jack-o-lantern

A Hearty Dinner


Face Paint/Masks


Copious Amounts of Candy

Vessel to RECEIVE Candy
(pumpkin head, grocery sack, tote, pillow case, etc)

Vessel to DISPENSE Candy
(large bowl)

Working Porch Light

Post Treats Movie - to unwind
Our personal Favorite is “The Great Pumpkin”!
Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown?



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1 comment:

snaphappee said...

Since we don't do the trick-or-treating thing, we're trying to decide whether we should go and paint pumpkins at Nana's, or stay home and chase down trick-or-treaters with candy. That's how the kids observed Halloween last year - it was funny! They couldn't wait for them to get to the door - they were rushing down the sidewalk with handfuls of candy before the other kids could even get here! You're right about "copious amounts of candy" - especially with my kids' method!