Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo Friday: What is Organizing?

Organizing doesn’t have to be drastic.  It just has to make sense.  Organizing takes things from a situation that isn’t working and movies towards a situation that is functional.  Take the simple example of under a kitchen sink.  In this first photo there are organizational systems (ie containers) in place, yet everything is crammed into the cabinet.  There are duplicates of cleaners.  One cleaner has to be removed in order to reach another.    The tower of garbage bag boxes threatens to attack every time the doors are opened. 


Under Kitchen Sink Before


After a little adjustment, like cleaners were put into containers together and assigned specific homes within the cabinet.  Boxes of garbage bags were re-assigned to the side of the cabinet.  When there are multiples of an item stacking them behind in a deep cabinet (akin to a grocery shelf) makes it easier to see all inventory. 

Under Kitchen Sink After


What’s under your kitchen sink???


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