Monday, August 30, 2010

Routines and Schedules for Back to School


Back to school time brings a change in routine.  Many of you have been experiencing that change the past few weeks.  Some of you are anticipating that change soon.  My personal back to school season started mid-August sending my teacher-husband back to the classroom.  It always an exciting new year unpacking his classroom and getting things organized.  He is so blessed to have a great parent volunteer to assist him in staying organized throughout the year.  In addition to getting the hubby’s big kid classroom set up in a school, I am continually modifying our home classroom for our son.  This year we start Homeschool Kindergarten.  Moms and homeschoolers, stay tuned.  I will have lots of what works and some of what didn’t when organizing our school area.  So as far as change in routine goes, our family routine changes twice.  Once when the husband begins his school year and then again when we begin ours at home. 

Why not start both school years at once? 
We all need time to adjust to change, especially my son.  It is really hard to be a 5-year-old, whose constant playmate (Daddy) for the past three months is suddenly gone all day.  If you have multiple children, I imagine they all need time to adjust to new school year change.  I would even venture to guess that they may adjust at different rates.  Keep the first few weeks of school as flexible as possible.

What do you do with sleepy heads in the morning? 
I give me coffee.  In copious amounts.  I am NOT a morning person and never have been.  My child, however awakes happily before 7am each day and is ready to begin the day head-first.  If this means I must occasionally begin the morning’s instructions in my pjs to take advantage of his focus hours, then so be it.  Do as much planning and getting things ready the night before so that mornings are not a time to rush.  Get everyone to bed at a reasonable hour.  Use a gentle approach and give sleepy heads extra time.  Your parental exasperation will not make their day start any more pleasantly… yours either for that matter.

How do I keep track of the onslaught of new information and activities? 
Step 1: Get a really good planner AND USE IT. 
Step 2:  Assemble a Home Hub. 
It really is that easy.  Want to know more?  Let me know!

The start of school is an exciting time.  I hear so many parents say “I can’t wait for school to start so that I can regain our routine.”  In that one simple phrase what I am hearing is, “Summer has been fun, but I am ready for things to return to normal now.”  I want you to know that I can relate and I can help you along the way. 




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