Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quick List: School Supplies.

Writing utensils. Pens, Pencils.

Art supplies. Markers, Crayons, Glue, Scissors.


Paper. Writing Paper, Copy Paper, Construction Paper.

Notebooks/folders.  Composition Books.

Pencil Box.

Lunch Box.

Back Pack.

Labels, Labels, Labels!!! (more about labels coming soon!)

Little extras: Erasers, Ruler, Hi-lighters. 

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Your Organizing Guru said...

Added my fellow organizer Julie Bestry, via our facebook page:
Compass. Protractor. Anti-bacterial wipes. Calendar/planner. Locker shelf. Graph paper? Binder clips. Notes from mom in the lunchbox, in code, so only kids and mom know what it means so bullies can't taunt. :-)

Thanks for the contributions, Julie!

If anyone else wants to continue to add to the list, feel free! Schools are starting now through mid-Sept - all across the nation!