Saturday, October 24, 2009

Simplify the Season - Traditions

October is almost over!  Elli excitedly guessed right last week; today is the day we start (drum roll, please!) Simplify the Season!!!

Whether you are brand new with us this year, or have been following along with Simplify the Season for the past TWO years, you will find new topics and ideas to help you stay organized this Christmas.  I am a big believer in using a spreadsheet system to hold all of this data.  One file with multiple sheets (one per topic) should keep you in step for a simple holiday.  Not super computer confident?  That's ok too.  Grab a pretty notebook (or a plain old legal pad) and join us. 

This is our plan by the week.  Try to keep up.  If you fall behind or join us late just keep on moving forward.  Skip what isn't relevant to you.  Use the comment section (or e-mail me with questions and suggestions.  Get involved and let's have fun!!!!!!!!

There are all sorts of local events from festivals to school plays to participate in this time of year.  That makes November and December even more hectic because we’re trying to fit in all this family favorite extra stuff on top of our normal life schedules and it is just too overwhelming so STOP.  Stop right there.  Talk with your family about the favorite NO MISS events for this season.  Locally we have Winter Wonderland, Trolley Tours, lighted boat parades, church pageants, school concerts, ballet performances, live nativities, symphony… the list goes on and on.  Sit down with your family calendar.  Map out all of your normal every day obligations and PLAN for some fun time seasonal outings.

What are some of your favorite Christmas time traditions??

I’ve done a poll and enjoyed receiving these responses:

  • trimming the tree
  • baking
  • caroling
  • taking cookies to firemen, neighbors, shut-ins
  • going on trips
  • hosting/attending parties

Whether your family favorites are simple (caroling your neighborhood) or extravagant (going to the Nutcracker!) it is easy to feel discombobulated at the vast array of demands.  Make some smart choices now. 

My most remembered childhood tradition is attending the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with my family.  Afterwards, Dad would drive around (ostensibly to make us sleepy) while we watched all the wondrous twinkling Christmas light displays.  We would go home and excitedly open one Christmas Eve present.  Then we hurried off to bed where we would lay awake and listen for Santa… until the vision of sugarplum fairies took over. 

ENJOY making traditions with your family.  Don’t let this be the season of over-obligated, hustle and bustle.  Choose family favorites together and schedule for them now.


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Jane said...

So well said. I am trying to simplify. It's hard when your kids are involved in music - there's a million concerts that you have to attend. So I try to make that my enjoyment - really taking in the music. All the parties, eating, etc., I could do without!

snaphappee said...

I'm looking forward to the Christmas traditions - one of my favorites is having the whole family over here (in-laws, outlaws, etc) to decorate the tree and drink peppermint cocoa. But even before that we will have Thanksgiving - our favorite holiday. We have our extended family and usually another family that doesn't have nearby relatives, and we spend special time talking about how God has provided for us during this year. I get to host Thanksgiving every year, and I truly enjoy the opportunity to open my home and share the joyful time with others.

Your Organizing Guru said...

Thank you both for sharing about creating and holding traditions!

I have a musical husband so I can understand all the extra hours. Enjoy it to the fullest! Invite others to enjoy it with you!

I recently bought peppermint tea. I'll let you know how that experiment goes. If it ever gets cold here.