Sunday, October 18, 2009

The 100th Post!

Apparently there is a tradition among bloggers to post a “100 list” for their 100th post.  This is my 100th post.  Here is my list.

100 things about ME: on chores, life, and being a grown-up.

  1. If I do not fold the laundry at the dryer as I am taking it out of the dryer.  It will not get done.
  2. I must write all things in the almighty planner.  If it isn’t scheduled it, it doesn’t get done. 
  3. I am a fan of lists.
  4. I love autumn.  We don’t get much FALL here in Florida, but it’s still my favorite time of year. (Great weekend, huh locals?)
  5. Just because I am an adult and can choose to eat what I want, when I want does not mean I shouldn’t make smart choices.
  6. My husband has discovered my very rational need to have a wide variety of gift wrap (and accoutrement).  The only hitch is that he does not see it as rationally as I do. 
  7. I don’t trust easily.
  8. Friends are important in daily life.  (Thank you friends!)
  9. Sometimes it is more important to spend the morning at the beach than it is to clean the house.
  10. Insomnia can be productive. 
  11. I get more excited about Christmas than my child.
  12. I love massages.
  13. I severely dislike working out.
  14. I can bake Wheat Free/Dairy Free foods that taste good!
  15. My favorite color is green.
  16. I like things tidy.
  17. I have passed this NEED for tidiness onto my child.
  18. Words of Wisdom Wednesday is a great part of my week.
  19. I’m funny!
  20. I seldom wear jewelry.
  21. I have a weakness for chocolate.
  22. … and ice cream.
  23. … and baked goods.  ;)
  24. I love Coca-Cola.
  25. Coffee, I can take or leave.
  26. I take my coffee as 2/3 coffee, 1/3 dairy, and 3 sugars.
  27. I usually drink decaf to make up for the amount of sugar.
  28. Of course we all know that “Caffeinated Julie is FUN Julie!”
  29. Legal addictive stimulants are the heart and soul of most Americans… including myself. 
  30. I’m patriotic.
  31. I’m mostly an indoor kind of girl.
  32. I LOVE the ocean.
  33. I have been a professional organizer since July 2007.
  34. I have been a mom since February 2005.
  35. I have been married since April 2001.
  36. I have been God’s girl since July 1991.
  37. I don’t have a favorite meal.
  38. My favorite restaurant is Carrabba’s at 9A/Baymeadows. 
  39. I find social networking sites slightly addicting. :)
  40. God is my refuge,
  41. my joy,
  42. and my strength.
  43. I name my cars.
  44. I’m on car #3.  (Sheldon)
  45. I totaled the first car I ever owned.  (Stefan)
  46. The second car I ever owned was stolen.  Then returned.  Then sold.  (Kelsey)
  47. I truly miss the show “Gilmore Girls”.
  48. If I were a television character I would be Lorelei Gilmore.
  49. I like to travel.
  50. Sometimes I wish I were Samantha Brown.
  51. I dream of a NYC vacation. 
  52. Hobby Lobby is my sanctuary.
  53. It saddens me that the nearest Container Store is in Atlanta.
  54. It bothers me when people wear sneakers with no socks.
  55. … even when they’re on tv.
  56. I wish I knew more about computers.. the hardware side.
  57. I like to sing.
  58. Our home is filled with music (and joyful noise) daily.
  59. I have a very narrow internal thermostat.
  60. I love to have parties.
  61. The best gift I have received this year is a fenced in backyard.
  62. I’m not sure what that says about other gifts I’ve received this year.
  63. … or about my overall state of general happiness.
  64. The best sound in the world is my child’s laughter.
  65. I am raising a happy child.
  66. I often pick my nail color by looking at the creative name rather than choosing by the shade.
  67. Can cook.
  68. Don’t cook.
  69. I don’t like my foods touching.
  70. I like fish
  71. … but not tuna
  72. … or sushi.
  73. I believe that contentment is a choice.
  74. I think I have read every book Charles Martin has written up to this point.
  75. … My favorite is “The Dead Don’t Dance”.
  76. It was also the first one I read.
  77. I’ve had grey hair for 14 years.
  78. I just had to do math to figure out my real age.
  79. I don’t eat candy.
  80. Chocolate is not considered candy in my world.
  81. I refuse to “Friend” people on Facebook whom I do not know in life. – Which is why Organize With Julie has a FAN page, please join us!
  82. I celebrate my Birthday for an entire week.  Everyone should have such a celebration of LIFE.
  83. I believe in claiming and living the abundant life.
  84. On paper, I’m an introvert.  (You decide!)
  85. I like to teach.
  86. I do believe that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.
  87. Being a part of Organize With Julie, LLC has been the BEST job ever.  (Note: Follow your calling.)
  88. Being a mom is pretty cool as well.
  89. I’m curious enough that I will research tiny things of interest until I get closure.  (Can my fellow Google Queens relate?)
  90. I got my first cavity at age 31.
  91. You now know that I’m over age 31.
  92. My least favorite chore is ironing.
  93. I have actually watched all episodes of “Jon and Kate Plus 8”.
  94. In our home we call this show “Screaming 8 Plus Kate”.
  95. I talk in my sleep.
  96. I’m NOT an OCD germ-a-phobe… but I could be.
  97. I get migraines weekly.
  98. I do NOT believe it takes a village to raise a child.  (I have seen the village.)
  99. I miss college days.  (Go Ospreys!)
  100. I LOVE “small world” stories.  (Stories about degrees of separation between people.)

I hope you enjoyed learning about me.  I certainly learned about me as I was compiling this list! 

Next week begins “Simplify the Season 2009”!!!  I am so excited I could burst; Lots of good things to share this year.


If you are in the Jacksonville/St. Johns area and would like your home better organized, and would like the assistance of a professional organizer, e-mail  You can also find me on Facebook by clicking HERE or searching for Organize With Julie.  Want to follow me on twitter? Find me @juliebavi.



Tanna Clark said...

Congratulations on post 100! I should go back and revisit mine, I bet some things have changed. I know for one I said something ridiculous about exercising every morning. Umm that didn't last long.

snaphappee said...

I love the holiday background! I'm ready to Simplify!

This was great - it makes me wish I'd actually done mine!

Your Organizing Guru said...

You will notice I did not mention exercising. :) I'll have to search for your 100!
Thanks for the background compliment. I almost had to email you for help, but figured it out! You've taught me well. It's never to late! What's your next milestone # post? You could always do a year end one!