Sunday, June 21, 2009

Still wishing that it was all made like Rubbermaid?

I can honestly tell you that I have had two recent incidents with my vehicle (and my sweet husband’s vehicle) that make me wish our fenders were made of Rubbermaid.  Can we get someone on that? 

This week I will be reviewing the Rubbermaid Premier Finish and Lock-Its varieties of food storage containers.  Stay tuned at the end to find out how you can WIN some Rubbermaid of your very own.



I tried to stain these.  Really I did.  I couldn’t do it.  Even dried on cooked on BBQ sauce RINSED right off for me.  No scrubbing or pressure washing needed!  I’ve been skeptical of the claims of this product in the past, but no more.  I am in love with these Premier containers.  Thank you Rubbermaid!!  They really are “Easy seal.  Easy clean.  Easy store.”!  The lids do that neat “snap on thing” just like the easy find lids on other containers so that you can always find the lid!  And although they are very clearly see-through, they are durable, not thin.  Have I mentioned that I am impressed?

Lock-its Food Storage Containers: 


Our test kitchen was particularly rough on these containers.  They are a favorite of my 4-year old.  The locks kept him entertained for a few minutes.  Very puzzle like for tots, apparently.  Note:  this is in no way a child proof product!  Once again these have the easy find system for lids.  In addition, this product has a rubber seal around the lid.  We could not make these leak… even with all four “locks” unlocked.  We had fun trying!!! 

Do any of you have experience with these wonder products?  Tell me what you love and hate about them.  Which leads us to… how to win Rubbermaid of your own…
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Now your mission is accomplished and your name will be put into the hat for a drawing for two of your very own brand new  Produce Savers like those in last week review (and pictured below). 



Entries will be closed Wed at 11:59 pm Eastern.  Come back next Sunday to see if you have won!  If you have won, I will collect your mailing address via email at that time, so DO NOT forget to check back.  (The RSS feed should serve as a good reminder to you.)

Looking for a good deal on Rubbermaid in your area?  Check out for coupons you can print and use!  Want the chance to win even more Rubbermaid products?  or possibly a $500 kitchen makeover?  Check out their site, learn how to share your story, and follow them on Facebook!


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, Happy Father’s Day!!!!


snaphappee said...

Those Premier ones look awesome! These reviews have been great! Now the big question - how do they hold up to being snack containers/sandbox tools/tool boxes?

Your Organizing Guru said...

You slay me!!!
The main use in my house is leftover storage from all the gourmet meals I "cook":) ...and as snack containers. Occasionally I find an alternate use for Rubbermaid products in the garage, office, schoolroom, or a closet.
As far as tool boxes/sand toys go, I haven't tested it, but imagine they would be good for that as well. ~J

Anonymous said...

They look awsome, and if they don't stain, that makes them even more attractive to have, hope they come in red to go with my apples!


Leslie said...

SWEET! I would love to try this out. Thanks for the giveaway!!