Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don’t you wish everything was made like…


I haven’t blogged much about the wonderfulness of the NAPO 2009 Conference I attended last April.  Let me tell you, it was inspiring!!  There was also an expo hall filled with goodies from wonderful NAPO sponsors and partners.  For the next two weeks, I will be blogging about some products provided by the nice folks at Rubbermaid.

Oh, and before I forget… Rubbermaid is offering lots of fun things on their site, including tips, ideas, new products, $1 OFF COUPON and contests to WIN prizes.  Check it out here!

On with my reviews…

Easy find lids:


I LOVE this product!  (Thank you Rubbermaid!!!!)

This is THE go to in plastic-ware.  These are sturdy.  They stack inside each other nicely AND can be removed from their nesting with ONE hand.  The lids snap together so that you aren’t fumbling in the bottom of a cabinet for a lid.  The lids snap to the bottom of the container of the same size.  Good seals with no spills!  I have been using these for my son’s snacks and for general food storage for many many months now and have been pleased with how well they have withstood our tough kitchen test.  Freezer, fridge, pantry, backpack, car, dishwasher – This one is a survivor!
Five out of Five Stars from me!


Produce Saver:


This product works great for keeping fresh fruits like grapes and strawberries fresh a little bit longer than a standard container or their original packaging.  Honestly, I think I buy salad greens when they are on their last legs.  The produce saver didn’t really save my salad, but I don’t know that the salad ever has much of a chance to begin with.  I do love that the container, lid, and grate insert thingy are all dishwasher safe.
Four out of Five stars from me!  (because I still can’t reconcile the salad issue)


Have you tried either of these products?  What is your opinion?  Did you find this review helpful?

More Rubbermaid product reviews next week.  Hmmmm… Does anyone know what that might mean for a lucky blog commenter this month?  If you don’t want to miss out on any fun summer giveaways, make sure to subscribe via RSS feed and then LEAVE A COMMENT in each week’s blog.  Also join our fun fan page on Facebook!!

Stay tuned as we head into the heart of Summer and gear up for Summer travel!  You’ll even have a chance to submit your questions, tips and tricks! 



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snaphappee said...

Thanks for letting us know how these work for you, and what you use them for. Very helpful info!

I think I need to declutter and reorganize my plastic container cupboard. Hmmm...

Mainiacknitter said...

I just purchased the whole set of the produce savers and love them. It keeps berries very fresh and dryer than anything else I've used in the past, including the green bags. Those are fine for lettuce. My husband thought I was crazy for buying them until he saw how nice they worked. The lids are secure which is a nice feature and got to love that little strainer thing.

Leslie said...

Thanks to Elli for pointing me to your blog. I loved reading a "real person" review of these containers. I am looking forward to reading your posts in the future.

Your Organizing Guru said...

Snaphappee - Don't forget, you have more coming your way!
Mainiacknitter - Thanks for the input on the produce savers! We'll have some of those up for grabs this month!
Leslie- Thank you for your encouragement! Stick around, we have lots of good things to share this summer!