Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome Spring!!!

Ok, so it is still snowy in some parts of the country.  The temperatures have been getting warmer here.  I spent first part of this month in SUNNY Southwest Florida (7pm and 72 degrees)  and can tell you that the afternoons were like summer.  I have been to the beach this past week, not once… but TWO times.  Indulgent!  All of this combines together to make me think of one thing… SPRING IS COMING!  and with Spring comes???? Spring Cleaning!  I can hardly contain my excitement!  Can you tell? 

I am going to start our Spring cleaning with some gentle suggestions for you to do this week. 

*Pick a closet (or two or three) and switch out all that winter gear!
*Wash your windows (one at a time if you have to!) to let that Spring Sunshine in!!
*Lastly gather up your paperwork that is scattered through the house because…


I can hardly contain my excitement!  Can you tell? 
Spring Green (aka Mint), Sky, Coral, and Rose (yes, Jo, we are going with “Rose” even though I still say it is more Lavender) are here just in time for SPRING!!!!

If you are in the Jacksonville Area and are inspired to set up your own Home Hub Notebook System, or to have a Home Hub Home Party, just say the word!  If you want to have a party and don’t want to open up your home, I have some alternatives that may get your guests hopping for a Springtime paperwork makeover!!



snaphappee said...

I wanna come!! I would love a Home Hub in Rose! But my nice spring green one that has worked for 2 years will probably continue working, won't it? Can I take a rain check on switching out the winter gear? Our highest projected high over the next 10 days is 56, and we have a couple days with snow in the forecast. But I'm ready for some spring cleaning anyway. I've gotten started on the paperwork already! Yay!

listplanit said...

I love that - Home Hub Notebook. Very clever title! Do you have any paperwork to go inside? If not, you should check out! I'm sure your clients would LOVE it as well. I have an affiliate program for referring clients. I even work with organizers to come up with a specialized packet for their clients. Let me know what you think! Great to meet you.


Lyza Lynne said...

Can you believe it's 70 in Colorado? My tulips are coming up and I'm afraid they're going to get frozen by the spring storms we're sure to have. I wish I was close enough to come to a Home Hub Workshop. :) Thanks for the tips and reminders Julie! ;)