Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goals revisited. Easy task list.

February First.  The first day of a new month.  A fresh start.  If you didn’t do so well keeping up with your goals in Jan, now is the time to “drop back 5 and punt”.  Take a deep breath and start again.  Make one step this week toward your goal.  For example:  even if you only work out one day, that is one day MORE than before.  Need another example?  Example two: If your goal is to read a certain number of books, start with a chapter a day/week.   Keep moving forward!  One more word:  if your goal was to cut out something completely (television, chocolate, video games, commuting by car) try moderation instead of cold turkey.

For this week I am including 4 very simple tasks.  You can do it all.  Are you ready for this week’s list?  Sure you are! 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is time to purchase supplies - candy, cards, class party items.  Do not over buy!!!!  You do not want to have to store all the extras trinkets until next year.  It would also be a shame to have to throw out a ton of extra candy.  (And heaven forbid you and your family consume all of that extra sugar, right?)

Empty your e-mail’s inbox. 
Clear off your voicemail.
… no these things aren’t actual “clutter” that you can see, but it is electronic clutter.  Deal with it!

Get your paperwork ready for tax time.
… April 15th is just around the corner.


My informal poll has shown that there is a concern about cleaning out closets.  Next week will be our big kickoff for the “Closet Clean-out”!  Send your closet questions my way this week  And stay tuned for next Sunday’s answers to all of your closet questions.

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snaphappee said...

Thank you for providing timely, funny, useful information! I love your "informal poll" too!!