Sunday, February 15, 2009

Capturing Closets (part one)

Thank you for joining me this month for our series on closets.  For our purposes this week, I am using the example of an adult clothes closet.

Where do I start?

Make your bed.  :)
Take everything out of the closet and lay it on your bed.  (That’s why you have to make your bed first!)
Try to keep like things together if this is possible.

This is one of those times where we can really see the 80/20 principle in action.  We use 20% of our stuff 80% of the time.  We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  So why do we own the other 80%?  And what can we do about it?  Purge.

How do I know what to purge? 
If you do not LOVE it…
If it does not look good on you…
If it is old, faded, or otherwise beyond repair… 
If it does not properly fit…
If it is too big or too small…
If it is from a different era of you life…
If there are multiples of the same or a very similar item…
It is time to let it go.

What do I do with the things I have purged?
TRASH - if it is worn out, needs repair, etc PLEASE do not donate it.  It has live its life and served its useful purpose and now it is time to let go.
DONATE– There is a plethora of local places just waiting for your wonderful items to come along.  Think about the local City Rescue Mission, Food Banks, as well as Goodwill and Salvation Army
CONSIGN– This is a great option if you have high end clothes that no longer fit your body or your style.  You will not make back your entire investment.  It is a way to ease the pain of letting go.  ***Make sure you know the rules of the particular shop before you choose this option.
HAND DOWN – Maybe you have a co-worker, neighbor, or friend who could benefit from some of your castoffs.  Many MOPS groups have a clothing trade for children’s clothes.
OTHER OPTIONS – ONLY if you are disciplined enough to set a “good-bye” date and time -,,, yard sale

Now that you’ve purged it is time for the…
Group like things together. 
T-shirts, Dress Shirts, Collared Shirts.  Pants.  Skirts.  Dresses. Ties.  Scarves. 
Group like colors together. 
Use baskets and bins to group smaller items together on shelves.

Things to keep in mind for organizing Kids’ Closets.
Make it accessible.
-What they cannot reach or see they will not use.
Keep it kid friendly.
- Make it easy to choose outfits and easy to put things away.

I keep a box in the bottom of the closet for things to donate.  As my son outgrows an item I don’t hang it back up when it returns through the laundry cycle.  I simply toss it into the donate box.

I keep a laundry basket in the top of the closet for clothing items that my son is not yet ready to use due to size or season.  When he hits a growth spurt or the weather changes, I check that basket first before I plan any shopping.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the closet.  Let me know what your tips are for keeping your clothes in check.  What are your problem closet areas?

Next week:  The Linen Closet.

Oh, and for those of you who are attending the WE function on Friday Feb 20th, I look forward to meeting you there!


snaphappee said...

What a good system for getting through the closet! I sorta did this when K & C's closet last week. I have a basket in the laundry room for the outgrown clothes...think I got that from you last year!

Your Organizing Guru said...

I'm glad you have a space for all the things your bunch outgrows! Stay tuned for more on closets and a special surprise! ~J