Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crafty Organization

I did not fall off the face of the earth. I just had a Birthday, packed up hubby's classroom, and have been enjoying summer! And look at the cute things I've been crafting... all for the sake of organization, of course! First of all, I have been looking for some sort of hanging bin or basket for the "on the way out the door" items. I need to get the sunscreen, bug repellent, and baby powder (for the beach sand, ya know?) off of my kitchen counter top and out of the reach of little hands. Did I mention that little hands like to find "goo"? I have not been able to find the perfect hanging basket. But then I remembered that there was a lovely French Proven├žal tin bucket holding an arrangement of silk Spring flowers that needed a new purpose in its life. I was unaware of the sad shape it was in. When I found this lovely article, the paint was cracking badly. The grey areas are from the paint that chipped off as I was washing the outdoor/garage grime off with a soft cloth. The brown spots are rust. I actually liked the rust when this was hanging outdoors with the flowers tucked inside. It gave it a nice country feel. Now that it is going to be in my kitchen, I find that I am not so fond of the rust. It didn't take my brain long to decide that something beautiful could be made from a resource I already had right here in front of me. What was my answer? Decoupage! (The art of decorating with cut outs of fabric or paper.) I just happen to have this swanky scrappy paper that fits the bill perfectly! So (with the help of my three-year-old son) this is my finished product! TADA! That's it! Just two different patterns of paper, a little water, and lots of glue made that rusty, paint-chippy bucket into this little work of art! May I also mention that this was a very "Green" choice? You know... the whole reusing what you have thing. And since I am on such a crafty roll.... I took a frame, which I bought for the purpose of getting the basket of keys up off of the same spot on my kitchen counter, and spruced it up and actually got it up on to my wall! YAY! Pretty and ingenuity in one fell swoop! See how the papers are all matchy-matchy? Isn't is fun!? I know that some of you are far craftier than I. share with me your crafty organizing solutions! You know I'd love to see them! Even if it has nothing to do with getting organized, take some time this week to do something creative! .


snaphappee said...

Those are awesome! So cute! Where do they hang in relation to each other? What great ideas!

Your Organizing Guru said...

They are about 18 inches apart frame on left, pail on right). The frame is on the kitchen wall behind the door and the pail is on the door. I will install a better hook for the pail in time (since I stole this one from B's bathroom).