Monday, May 26, 2008

Flying the friendly skies?

Let’s get our quart sized zip top bags ready and pack for that flight!

A note on air travel… If you have not traveled our friendly skies in awhile you may want to check out the newest guidelines for what you can/cannot take aboard. Make sure to keep this list handy for packing AND for souvenir buying. In case you were curious, snow globes are a no go for your carry-on.

Many of you are familiar with the spare suit case trick. You take along an empty bag inside of a full bag so that when you are shopping on a trip you already have luggage in which to stow the loot for you return trip. I have mixed feelings about this process, but thought I would put it out there. I say, just pack some spare travel space bags and shrink you clothes down to size for the return. There is no extra luggage. This saves you money and space.

The essential carry-on and what it should contain (prescriptions and OTC medications, cosmetics, a hair tie, a toothbrush/toothpaste duo, your cell phone, a change of underwear, a spare tee, a spare pair of pants/skirt (from the girl who has flown cross county wearing an OJ soaked pair of cargos- yes this is a good idea), I also take spare socks, snacks (for when you are stuck on the runway), and entertainment (a book, magazine, deck of cards). Just in case your luggage doesn't make it when you do, you'll have your important items with you. Wearing a light sweater aboard is also a advantageous idea. (Of course if you are a handsome saxophone player just put the necessities in the horn case and pray your suitcase makes it to your final destination when you do.)

One more note... Tag Tag Tag you luggage with something obvious for baggage claim. Lime green luggage tags, the yarn atop the handle, whatever it takes to make your bag stand out and easily recognized. (I even saw animal shaped tags at Target this week. Sure they are meant for the kiddos, but why should they have all the fun?) One final note: ALWAYS check the tag before leaving the baggage claim area (or security checkpoint) to ensure that someone else wasn't like-minded in their choice of luggage and tag.

Be aware that most airlines are starting to charge for extra bags and may have weight limits or additional charges for all baggage.

It's time to take 15 minutes and... peruse the above website.


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snaphappee said...

Yeah - "friendly" - friend just came home from MS a couple weeks ago, then last week went to fly to TN...discovered - suddenly - that she could only check one bag without paying a new fee!! I'm not planning on flying anytime soon (unless I run away to FL!), but thanks for all the good info. I might pass this one on to my MIL - she might be flying to MS this summer.