Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Showers Bring May Flowers. Are you ready?

As my family travelled out to chapel this morning, it was raining. Nothing too heavy, but more than a drizzle. Then a little quote popped into my head. "April showers bring May flowers!" It was still raining as we got to chapel (Thanks Mr. H for awaiting so many of us with your umbrella this morning. That was a blessing!) It was also raining as we left, but it was still not dreary. So there April showers! I will choose to concentrate on the upcoming May flowers.

Let me share something with you honestly at this point. I do not enjoy the effort put into the gardening. I do not enjoy the pollen and the weed pulling. I love when the lawn looks great… which is why we have a lawn company. I could care less if there is a flower bed or not. We did inherit some lovely potting benches with this home. Alas, they are not able to live up to their fullest potential with me as their resident. (I would actually love to rip them out in order to make a designated “play corner” of our yard. That is another project for another time.)

Spring is here! It's time to take 15 minutes and… Start planning your garden. Look on-line, in catalogs, mark your calendar for a little field trip to your local garden center. Decide what you want and price it. Put it all on paper. Don’t neglect the equipment you will need. Do you have gloves, shovel, trowel, etc?

For those of you who do not know, if it is blooming, growing, or otherwise living, I am allergic to it. I am also gifted with a black thumb. Not a bad combination if you think about it. I will check the dying aloe by my door and decide if it needs to be repotted or replaced. It did not enjoy the cold winter weather.

Spring is here! Are you ready?


Janine Adams said...

Fwiw, I feel the same way about gardening!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, Julie.

snaphappee said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the gardening thing too...although I'd love to have flowers. Unfortunately, between my dog and my boys, it's a worthless effort. We put hours of time and lots of money into flower beds last year, and the dog dug them all up to sleep in the dirt. The boys chopped down all the peonies in the yard, and they haven't come back yet. Waaaaahhh!!!