Friday, May 23, 2014

Let it go! Let it go!

My hubby, infant son, and I moved into our current home 8 years ago.  Before that the longest hubby and I had resided in any one spot was a maximum of 2 years.  Moving often gave us the freedom to part with unused items rather than storing them.  Who wants to pay to pack, move, and store junk time and time again?
I’ve noticed, however, that in the past 8 stationary years – with a growing kiddo – that the willingness to store unwanted items has become a little too comfortable.  So what’s the solution?

First things first:
Get rid of the broken stuff.  You really aren’t going to fix it.  Part with the trash.  Anything that is truly not of salvageable worth needs to go to its proper dumpster home. 

Then what?
Sell. Sell. Sell. 
I take any good condition kid clothes and toys to semiannual consignment sales.  Doing the inventory and tagging myself is a little work, but the paycheck I get within a week is really really really worth my time.  Did I mention how worth my time it is?

I have also gone the more conventional route using area consignment shops.  I feel it is a lot of work to keep up with tracking the inventory over time and I don’t have control over the pricing of my items.  However, I do get some money back for my clothes while expending a minimal amount of physical effort. 

For big items, like furniture, large appliances, swing sets, and other heavy/hard to move things – Craigslist is my go to source.  Selling online has been profitable and I don’t have to move the items myself.  I have always asked for cash and have used precautions to stay safe. 

If you have lots of stuff and the time to do it, a yard sale may be your best bet.  Yard sales are easiest when you have a buddy.  Whether it is a friend, neighbor, or spouse -- it’s just nice to have someone to chat with during the lulls, and to give you a potty/snack/cool-off break when needed.  Advertise on line and in your local paper.  Put up signage the day before your sale.  Be ready early in the day.  Make sure your big ticket items are really obvious to draw in those looking from the street.  Keep things off the ground.  Hang clothes from a drying rack (or a makeshift rack of a pipe).  If you don’t want people IN your garage, close the door.  Have plenty of change and keep the money on your person. 

At the end of the sale, don’t let unwanted items trickle back into your home.  There is a service in the Jacksonville, St. Johns area that pays per pound for textiles (clothes, sheets, linens, shoes).  *If you want to know more about how to help people in need and get paid for your unwanted items, let me know!  I'd love to put you in touch with!Check your local listings to see what charities (Vietnam Vets) will pick up unwanted items.  Set a date and say good-bye to the old.  Load up your car with the remainder of the unsold stuff and make a trip to your favorite drop off spot.  A few of my favorites in my area are The Betty Griffin House (Fruit Cove/JCP), Goodwill, and The Salvation Army.

So are you ready to do it with me?  Part with your unwanted unused items this month and let me know how it goes.  I'll post back with some pictures about what I have dug out of our (already organized) 8 years of build up.  

If you'd like to learn other ways to LET IT GO, get organized, manage your time, or set up systems in your home and office for better efficiency and harmony shoot me an email at, stalk me on twitter @juliebavi, and show me some Facebook love  

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