Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day – No I’m Not Late

Mother’s Day Schmother’s Day – That’s how I thought of our most recently celebrated holiday… until this past Sunday.  My son is 8 and this is the first Mother’s Day I have enjoyed.  It was nothing fancy – flower art project from school, hubby picking up grocery store bakery breakfast, and a day spent with my wonderful in-laws making memories – it was a great day!  This was a big change from my first Mother’s Day, 8 years ago, which had been a day that I was excitedly looking forward to experiencing.  However, it was excruciating to me.  As a mom of a 3 month old with a husband who worked until midnight and the additional heartache of being separated from my own Mom, it was not the fairy tale I had dreamed up.  

purple flower 648

So for all of you Moms out there, I wish YOU a very happy Mother’s Day – today, tomorrow, and every day hereafter. 
From this day forth:
Know that you are appreciated by your little ones who don’t know that it’s supposed to be a special day all for mom. 
For the ones whose kiddos won’t stop arguing for a single moment any given day. 
For the ones who were dreaming of getting flowers and presents and breakfast in bed –
and instead woke up to a garden of weeds and a houseful to tend to. 
For those who have angel babies in heaven who couldn’t send them the words. 
Happy Mother’s Day to YOU… every day.

And for those of you whose husbands are not deployed, for the ones with men and kiddos who make the effort, and even succeed, with lavishing mom on this special day – know that you are especially blessed.  Happy Mother’s Day to you as well.

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