Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ready. Set. Summer!

School is going to be out soon.  I was in the process of compiling our Summer fun list when I realized that some of you might be compiling fun summer things too!  Let me know what you have planned, locally or abroad.  And while you’re thinking about that, feast your eyes on this domestic treat as I have assembled a packing list for you and your family!

One Plastic Laundry Bag per person. Put a dryer sheet in each bag. You’ll thank me at the end of the week when your dirty laundry is following you around. (If you have little ones, remember small bags for diaper disposal, as well.)

Add a separate bag for wet stuff (swim wear or otherwise).  Keep in mind, a mesh bag will allow wet things to breathe.


Diapers AND WIPES/Underwear/Pull Ups
Dresses and SLIPS
Swim Wear (and swim diapers)
Swim cover-up/sarong
Light Sweater/Jacket
Shoes/Sandals/Sneakers/Dress Shoes/Flip Flops/Water Socks.


Hair dryer, if not provided
Hair product – spray, gel, pomade
Hair clips and ties
Soap/Body Wash
Cotton Swabs
Razor, Shaving Gel, After Shave
Cosmetics Bag – Don’t forget the moisturizer!
Makeup remover
Lip Balm SPF
Sunscreen AND after sun lotion
Contacts, Solution, Case, Drops
First Aid
Nail kit
Feminine items
OTC and Prescription Medications


Special blanket/Pillow, and for the kiddos stuffed animals/lovies
We can’t go through an over night without “Spot the Cow”, our beloved pillow pet!


Tote/Day Bag
Antibacterial Wipes/gels/lotions
Snacks and drinks (and napkins)
Camera and spare batteries
Rain gear – Umbrella/poncho/hat/coat
Beach Towels
Playing cards/Travel Games
Zip top bags
Sewing Kit
Mosquito Repellant
Flashlight and spare batteries
Cell phone – cord and charger
Travel Alarm (if not integrated into your phone)
Palm, Ipod, etc – charger
Laptop – cord and accessories
Stamps for mailing postcards “Wish you were here!”
Hostess Gifts
Sporting Equipment/Musical Equipment/IT Equipment


Notebook and pen
ID and Insurance information
MAPS for en route
MAPS of your destination
Airline tickets or e-tickets
CONTACT INFO for your destinations (lodging) and family members. (Yes, I pack my address book)

This moves us along to ITINERARIES- two copies. Make sure to take one copy with (on your person/in your carryon) and leave a copy behind with a trusted family member or friend. This is especially important when flying. Include phone numbers of your destinations and your flight numbers on the itineraries. Make sure your confirmation numbers are recorded here. ALSO include the hours of operation and phone numbers for attractions.

Obviously we are talking about domestic summer travel. If you need to forgo the swim wear and pack the parka, then by all means make this list your own.

Don’t forget your favorite FURRY family members!  Make sure Fluffy and Fido have their summer reservations. If pets are traveling with you, pack their items as well (kennel, leash, water and food dishes, bottled water and food, litter box, special bed/blanket/towel).

Tell me fellow travelers, did I omit anything essential? What items can you not live without on a trip?


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snaphappee said...

I love your list! I can't think of anything we need that's not on there! That's pretty impressive considering we spend our summer travels in state parks and campgrounds.

School is already out for us, so we're already planning our first camping trip and some other fun summer activities. We're going to take some "science hikes" into the woods (with plenty of mosquito and tick repellant), the kids want to set up a lemonade stand, and we plan to go crystal digging over in Crystal Park (Montana). Fun stuff!

Your Organizing Guru said...

I pray that you will all be Happy Campers all Summer long.