Monday, February 7, 2011

Retro Purse Purge!

We haven’t done one of these in a LONG LONG while so let’s “Take 15 minutes and…”

Clean Out Your Purse!  (C’mon and join the game.  It’s fun!)

Grab your purse and a trash can and get ready. It's time to clean out the deep recesses of the purse and ALL of the pockets.

1. Empty the entire contents. Go ahead- Dump it!

2. Sort into categories:
Keep in purse (wallet, cosmetics, gum, pain reliever, etc), – Put like items together in piles as you sort.
Put elsewhere (toys, receipts to file, mail, duplicates of items, etc),
Trash (expired receipts, candy/straw wrappers, open food items, obvious trash).

My find upon doing this task recently? An empty CapriSun. (Thanks, Boo!) What will you find?

If you have recently cleaned out your purse and think you are off the hook, how about your gym bag, your child's backpack, or your glove box/console in the car?

3. The trick now is FIRST putting all of those "elsewhere" items into their proper homes and SECOND putting the "trash" into the can.

4. Wipe down, mini-vac, or wash your purse (gym bag/backpack/glove box/console) before replacing the "keep" items.

5. Replace the "keep" items. If things are constantly getting lost in the deep abyss of your purse, try using a small cosmetic bag (or two) to hold certain items.

6. Smile! You have a lighter cleaner purse!

What did you find that surprised you the most?

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1 comment:

snaphappee said...

Fun! I didn't join in because I just switched purses and there isn't any unnecessary "stuff" in mine - but I know that there are many times when there are more receipts than money and more crayons than pens in mine.