Friday, July 23, 2010

Quick List: Dorm Room

Shower curtain

Linens (Bath: Towels, Wash Cloth, Bathmat and Bedding: Mattress topper, Pillow, Sheets, Comforter)

Command Hooks AND Over Door Hooks

Hamper/Laundry Basket/Laundry Bag

Small Trash Can

Mini Fridge and Microwave (where allowed)

Shower Tote/Caddy


Computer (with backed up files), Other Electronics (iPod, Cell Phone) and accessories (chargers, car chargers, docking stations)

Extras: photos from home, teddy bear, marker board, posters, bed risers, storage trunk, shoe rack/storage, extra hangers, CDs, DVDs


First Aid Kit

Pantry Kit

School Supplies


If you don’t send it with your student from home, there will probably be a store nearby where you can purchase any of these items.  You may want to visit some websites to make note of where the local stores are for your student.  Visit a Stuff-Mart, Pharmacy, and Grocery Store with your student and make sure they know how to get there should the need arise.


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snaphappee said...

It's that time, isn't it? I don't have any going off to college this year, but I do have kids getting ready to go back to school. We have more than a month left, but we still have to start thinking about and budgeting for the supplies.

Your Organizing Guru said...

I was amazed to find school supplies in my stores in mid July!!!

Stacey Crew said...

This is a great list for students headed off to college! I recently presented a few products, one being the Command Brand Products by 3M. Check out my Sanity Savers here: