Sunday, February 7, 2010

Papers Papers Ugh

I know. It’s a constant. Incoming papers.  Here are just a few tips for limiting what comes in to your home so that you will have less of the paper dross to deal with. 

If you don’t read it, why not cancel it? Catalogs, magazines, newsletters can be overwhelming and lead to more paper clutter issues.  So why not stop it at the source?  The next time your mailbox contains something that makes you think “Why do I still get/Why did I ever get this catalog/magazine/newsletter?” Instead of tossing it straight into the recycle bin, take the time to make a phone call.  Most of these types of mail have a phone number listed on the back cover. (If you don’t have time to call right away, rip off the back cover and shove it into your day timer so that you can call, say, from the carpool lane tomorrow.)  All you have to do is simply call the sender and say “I no longer wish to receive mail/catalogs/newsletters from you.”  It’s that simple.  You will not hurt their feelings.  It saves them money on postage and printing.  It saves the environment.  It saves your sanity.  It’s what we call a win-win-win. 


What do we do with catalogs that we actually order from or magazines that we enjoy perusing?  Keep them.  The latest statistics say that we can read up to three magazines a month, so limit incoming possibilities so as not to feel overwhelmed by them.  If there is something that is useful and meaningful, then by all means, retain that subscription. 

Do you receive unwanted solicitation of Credit Card offers?  Did you know that there is a toll free opt out number?  Call 1-888-5-OPTOUT (567-8688) Enter the information when prompted. Look forward to receiving less mail.  It’s that easy-peasy, friends!


Not exactly paper but… what about ezines and email advertisements?  Many of us get these emails because we were researching a particular product and originally wanted more information about it.  Maybe we started out receiving something of this nature to help a friend build their social media presence or to promote a certain good cause.  If these subscriptions no longer serve a purpose, then it is time to unsubscribe.  I am NOT advocating that we mass unsubscribe from all ezines, etc.  I am stating that we should only subscribe to those that are of current interest.  If you actually open these emails and scroll to the bottom, there is probably an “unsubscribe” feature.  Simply click and follow the instructions.  If you find something beneficial, by all means, keep on using it!


There are many services like that are free and will help eliminate some SPAM, junk e-mail and junk snail mail.  The Federal Trade Commission has even more solutions for you here

So what do you think? Are you ready to stop some of the paper insanity before it gets to your mailbox?

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snaphappee said...

Good stuff! I have recently unsubscribed from emails and ezines, but I haven't yet cut off the paper mail. Thanks for the helpful info!

Rachel Boldman said...

I am SO guilty of over-subscribing to email updates and updates from friends' blogs! And then I end up visiting the blog it serves absolutely no purpose other than cluttering up my email inbox. And making me feel super-important when I have 134 unread emails. :)

Janye said... closed it doors in <a I know that the still in business.