Friday, December 11, 2009

The BEST part of Simplify the Season is HERE!!!

This is quite possibly my favorite part of Simplifying the Season! It’s even better than shopping!!! I promise!  Before we go any further I want to remind all of us that it is important to take time for ourselves… especially in this busy season.

For the longest time I thought I didn't have the time to do things just for me. I thought that it was selfish to make time just for me.  I am a fairly low maintenance gal.  The extra few minutes daily in the shower, wandering through my favorite antique store, or a monthly massage appointment… taking a few evening minutes to read a book or watch (even part) of a movie - all make me better.  I'm a better servant, a better spouse, a better mom, a better friend, a whole better me when I do these things. 

I’ve even heard from one mom of 4 who locks herself in the bathroom for 10 min with a magazine for a little peace and quiet.  Another friend gets super crafty and spends time out with girlfriends scrapping or painting pottery.  What is it that you can do that is special for you?

Don't forget about you this Christmas Season.  Make a plan. Put it on your calendar. Don’t neglect time for you.


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Janet Barclay said...

I spent last weekend at my sister's: we baked shortbread, went for a walk in the snow-covered conservation area, played Scattergories, went to an open house and imagined what it would be like to live there, and just generally enjoyed each other's company. I never want to be too busy for sister visits!