Sunday, September 6, 2009

The linen closet post.

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted about my linen closet… or rather, about how I fold and store the sheets within said closet.  I fold top sheet and fitter sheet flat.  Then insert those two folded sheets into the matching pillow case for that set.  If there is a second pillow case it is folded and inserted as well.  This apparently was not the part that caught my colleagues attention.  I then put the folded sheet sets into the linen closet vertically, like books on a book shelf.  If my son wants the sheets with the soccer balls I don’t have to rifle through a stack of sheets to get to them; I just reach in and grab. 

As you can see by the photo, I do have a little straightening to do.  The top shelf is all twin sheet sets.  The marshmallow on the right is the extra mattress cover.  It is “fluffy” and will not fold flat.  Any suggestions?  The lower shelf has all guest linens.  Towels are in the middle and sheet sets (again vertical) are on the right.  The basket on the left contains extra face cloths and pillow cases which sits atop a stack of seasonal hand towels.  Yes, the shelves are labeled. 



I hope that all makes sense now.  I put sheet sets together inside the matching pillow case and then file it vertically on the shelf, like a book.  How do you store your linens?

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