Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to school planning…

I have entered into a back to school world this year and have found it disenchanting.  Apparently, Retailers ended “back to school season” about a week ago.  It is now Halloween/Christmas.  This leaves those of us with kiddos who start school post-Labor Day scrambling a bit.  (Thank God for Target still having lunch boxes this past week… not that my son liked any of them… but hey, at least he has one.  No, it isn’t pink.)  Disheartened as I am, I have decided to make a simple list for Back-To-School.

Buy all of your back to school goodies - now before they disappear.
Get a schedule/Keep a schedule. Routine is important for children to be able to do their best.  It eases tension and chaos in the home as well.
Plan ahead as much as possible.  From picking out clothes to making lunches and packing back packs, the more you do ahead, the less there is to do last minute.  Less is forgotten and there isn’t a fretful morning rush.  Wouldn’t it be great to start each school day with laid back smiles instead of frantically searching for homework and lost shoes?
Revamp your Home Hub.  This is the PERFECT time of year to reinvent the wheel… ummm… I mean Hub with new schedules, new activities, new class directory, new school info.

Have a great year.  We start a new exciting adventure in Pre-K-4 the week after Labor Day! 





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snaphappee said...

Sorry I'm late commenting...I've been busy, busy lately!

Good advice on the shopping - I went to get some supplies yesterday and found that many of them are pulled from the shelves now because school has already started in our closest "city." It hasn't started for us yet, but too bad! ARGH!

We always "practice" in the last week before school starts. We pick out "school" clothes the night before, we get in bed on time, we get up on time, get ready for "school", etc. That way, when the real day comes, it's not all new.