Sunday, December 14, 2008

Squeezing in a Simplified New Year.

Christmas is almost upon us, friends!  This certainly has been an exciting season, thus far.  We are starting lots of new traditions with our son.  Every year he gets new Christmas pjs and we make a photo ornament.  We go places and see shows that only happen at this time of year – living Nativity, ice skating shows, elf village at Winter Wonderland, Nights of Lights.  We also continue some of our favorite childhood traditions – like riding around on Christmas Eve to see great Christmas light displays.

To all of you who shared your Christmas memories and traditions in the last blog posting, Thank YOU!  Making cookies, talk of Santa, church services, singing carols, and sipping cocoa are all idealistic for this time of year; very Norman Rockwell!  For one of you, sharing your traditions has won you a special Christmas gift!  Kaber, you are lucky #4 to comment, so you are this month’s winner!  Send your mailing address to and your gift card will be in the mail!  I know how much you love your Panera Cafe breaks, so your next beverage will be on me!  Congratulations, Kim!

We do still have one more week after this one to talk about Christmas.  Next week’s Simplify the Season post will be THE ONE MOST IMPORTANT post about Simplify the Season, so stay tuned.  For this week we are going to take a little detour to New Year’s.  I will keep each item as short as possible.  I have many things to cover and we will be revisiting some things at a later date.  If there is something you want me to cover in more depth in the future, PLEASE leave a comment to that effect. 

New Year’s Eve

  • drink lots of water
  • eat snacks at home
    • 1- to avoid over eating
    • 2- to have something in your stomach
  • drive safely

New Years Day

  • hosting a brunch?
    • pick a theme
    • keep it simple
    • serve good luck foods/go international

Resolutions –

  • Build on last year’s strengths
  • Make resolutions Attainable
  • Make your Goal specific
  • Give yourself Short Deadlines

Coming Up

Dec 21 – The very BEST part of “Simplify the Season” is revealed.

Dec 28 - The Aftermath of Christmas.


snaphappee said...

Yay Kim!! Have fun with your gift card!

Thank you, Julie, for helping us through these fun, but potentially stressful days!

Kaber said...

YIPPEE!!!!! Thanks! (and i had the least Normal Rockwell Tradition...LOL)
Yes, our Panera JUST opened here in Santa Maria- long awaited! We went often when we lived in Ohio and I was sad when we moved out here and there was none.. but as of the last week of November, we have a Panera!!! THANKS