Friday, January 18, 2008

Our first real blog!

Hello fellow organizing crusaders! If you've been following along with us over at welcome to our new space. I was hoping that we could get some real conversations going now that you will have the ability to add comments without the hassle of e-mail. If you have not been following along up to this point. Welcome! I'm very glad you could join us. Comments, questions, suggestions, random quandaries of your own - are welcome here. This blog is primarily my weekly (give or take) musings about organizing. Mostly it is advice to help you find a better path toward less clutter and stress in your own life. Primarily, it's just plain fun. So this is the part where I "organize" my thoughts and plan our next steps together. I think for now I'll leave the previous posts up at and just have a redirect to this site for any future posts. Sound good? Ok, I will "see" you all on Sunday night. Have a good weekend! ~J


Elli said...

This is great! Thanks for keeping me on track, and inspiring me!

Your Organizing Guru said...

I love how you encourage me.
Thank you!